17 August, 2009

Chocolates don't solve all of your problems

I've been wanting to update my blog a few times but I just don't seem to have the time. Been busy with this and that and I'm way behind my study and assignment schedule that I planned earlier this sem (this really make me sounds nerdy ;) ). Today is Monday again and it's only the fourth week of semester but it seems that uni had started ages ago with the pile of works that needed attention.

Since last Wednesday I've been my aunt tourist guide whose here for work for 2 weeks. Spending time with her made me realised how much I miss my family back home. Walking at southbank, West End market, citycat ride, shopping at harbourtown and DFO all remind me of the times when I was a tourist guide to my family back in December. How I wish I could turn back time. I know that my aunt is also my family but its not the same as my parents and siblings. Remember last time I said that I'm tempted to go back for raya? Well I'm seriously considering it. Moreover I have 2 weeks of midsemester break due to 3rd year free teaching week and insyaAllah raya falls on the Sunday before my 3rd year free teaching week. That means I can really enjoy raya back home. Hmm..but I need to consider many factors first is the cost, second is my workload and lastly I'll be going back in 3 months time which if I keep myself busy will not be that long. I really need to think this thoroughly.

with my aunt

Enough with the emotion and with the updates. On the 6th was my friend, Aza's birthday. Though we planned a surprise for her but I guess she sensed it already so it was not that surprise after all. Actually we planned it kinda last minute as well but the feeling of getting together like that is something that I've not experience for some time. Happy 22nd Birthday Aza!!!

birthday girl (in the middle) cutting her birthday cake

some of the guests that night

Last saturday we had our 52nd merdeka celebration. I know we still have like 2 more weeks before the real merdeka but due to Ramadhan which we'll be meeting in a couple of days we celebrated it early. This year we had this theatre called 'Kekasih Semalam'. Its about the love between a malay girl and a chinese boy which they have to sacrifice for the sake of the country. My roomate, ciktie was one of the cast and I think this was the main reason that attracted me to watch the theatre.

one of the dancing scene

ciktie as Mak Anum

Besides the theatre, award was also present to certain individuals plus the food for the night was AWESOME!!!. The menu was nasi kerabu, ayam percik, karipap, popia plus pulut kuning. It is so rare to get nasi kerabu here, although I can be made but its too tidious. Overall the event was a success.

me and my housemates, diana and ciktie

That's all for now,

Till then~

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